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Customer counting systems

  • Most accurate counting devices –> 3D cameras
  • Counting accuracy close to 100%
  • Separation of employees from customers
  • Separation of children from adults
  • Distinguishing the gender of customers
  • Real-time data
  • Rest API

Queuing systems

  • Determining the number of people in line
  • Verification of average service time
  • Support for staff scheduling
  • Automatic notification of queue formation
  • Enhancing the customer experience

Path Map

  • Presentation of customer traffic intensity in different areas within the store
  • Effective store design and shelf placement management (merchandising)
  • Capability to create and compare sectors and product categories
  • Determining the average customer dwell time in a zone
  • Determining the average waiting time for service
  • Length of customer interaction with employees
  • Areas/products in the store that attract the most customer attention
  • Conversion of passersby into in-store visitors

License plate recognition systems

  • Determining the length of customer stays in the Shopping Center
  • Loyalty verification through the analysis of returning customers within a selected time frame
  • Analysis of shopping duration (Dwell Time)
  • Assessing the reach of the Center and identifying the counties and even countries from which customers originate
  • Verification of parking space occupancy


Your privacy is most important to us

In times when technology inevitably affects practically every aspect of our lives, allowing for the use of our image, we understand how important it is for our customers to take actions aimed at protecting the privacy of individuals who are their customers. We understand these concerns, which is why our devices (cameras) can operate in full anonymization mode, without the possibility of processing and storing the images of the counted individuals.